SKIN is the largest organ of our body performing dual functions; while skin is the sensory organ of touch, it also provides a protective cover to the internal tissues and organs.Skin has three layers the outer epidermis which provides a water proof protective barrier and creates the skin tone; the middle dermis which is made up of thick connective tissue, sweat glands and hair follicles and the inner most hypodermis which contains fat and connective tissue.
The anatomy and surgery exponent Sushrutha Acarya explains seven layers of the skin each nourishing the layer above it and each with a distinct function of its own.

The detailed description of the seven layers from outermost to innermost goes as






Source of skin complexion. Reflects the aura of the individual

Pimples, acnes, dandruff


Reflects blood health

Moles, dark circles, black pigmentation


Balances skin colour by lightening the darkening caused by Lohitha

Eczema, allergic rashes, ectopic dermatitis


Supports immune system and acts as a barrier.

Skin infections and infestations like scabies, Psoriasis, scleroderma and other auto immune skin diseases


Connects the skin to the body. Sensations and feelings are felt here.

Herpes, hypoesthesia, hyperaesthesia and skin sensitivity


Healing and regeneration

Delayed healing, scar retention, cancers and tumours


Platform for skin stability and firmness

Abscesses and fistulas


A balanced state of tridoshas (vata, pitta, kapha), properly nourished tissues (saptadhatus) and a stress free calm mind are the essentials for a healthy skin. Skin health assessed by evaluating the colour, tone, lustre,softness and absence of skin diseases depends on proper nutrition, strict hygiene,age,immunity,genetic factors,body metabolism, mental status and medications. Thesefactors individually or collectively affect skin health and cause skin diseases. Skin health is also affected by external elements causing burns, sun burn, frost bite, contact dermatitis, surgical marks, wound scars, etc.

At Sakalya Ayurveda Skin and Psoriasis Clinic equal onus is laid upon the preventive, preservative and curative aspects of skin health. As in our other speciality clinics our treatment modalities are scientifically formulated incorporating the modern diagnostic tools wherever necessary. The customized treatment plans are devised according to the habitat, season, age, genetics, inheritance, prakruthi (doshic constitution), mental status, diet pattern, lifestyle and profession.

The conditions we effectively treat at Sakalya Ayurveda Skin Clinic ar epsoriasis, morphea, urticaria, dandruffscabies, dermatitis, eczema, acne, allergic rhinitis, dry skin, discolorations, pigmentations,  scars (wound, acne, chicken pox, burns, etc..), initial Stages of vitiligo, ichthyosis and neurofibromatosis.


Skin is the mirror of your health. Come to Sakalya Ayurveda Skin Clinic to look into a spotless glowing mirror……..

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