Lifestyle diseases are defined as those health problems that react to changes in lifestyle inhibiting the oxygen supply into the cells, which is the major risk factor of this category of diseases.

Occupational or residential exposure to hazardous substances, occupational lifestyle, unhealthy routine habits, behaviours, practices, eating habits, sedentary mobility, inactivity, substance abuse, smoking, tobacco, alcohol, narcotics and addiction are a few of the many factors responsible for the emergence and resurgence of lifestyle diseases. A few unavoidable uncontrollable factors such as age, gender, and heredity are also causes for life style diseases.


Prominent Lifestyle Diseases and Disease Risk factors are Computer Vision Syndrome, spinal degenerative diseases, cervical spondylitis, low back ache, heart diseases (cardiovascular diseases), high BP (hypertension), elevated cholesterol (dyslipidaemia), stroke, diabetes, obesity, liver diseases, liver cirrhosis, NASH, gastric diseases, IBS, piles, colitis, kidney diseases, obesity, hormonal disorders, PCOS, hypothyroidism, cancer, solar radiation, ionizing radiation, work-site hazards, environmental pollution, medications, infections, skin diseases and STDs


The answer to all these lifestyle diseases lies in adopting and adapting the healthy lifestyle as professed by Ayurveda. The daily routine Dinacharya, the seasonal regimen Rutucharya, Prakrithi-healthy combination based diet, proper attention to natural excretory urges, Yoga and Sadvrutha healthy social life are the Ayurveda solutions to the menace of lifestyle diseases that are plaguing the society by dangerously increasing the morbidity and mortality of the global population. 


Nutritious, rightly combined seasonal locally suitable food eaten at right times in the right quantity augmented by a physically active mentally relaxed life pattern and good night sleep keeps a person free from lifestyle diseases. Providing a guiding path to healthily protect you through a holistic Ayurveda-Yoga-Diet based treatments cum counselling course so that you stay fit to sustain the assault of the stress and strain of daily life is the theme concept of Sakalya Ayurveda Ayushkaameeyam Life Style Clinic.


Ayushkaameeyam is wishing a healthy life. At Sakalya Ayurveda Ayushkaameeyam Life Style Clinic your wish would transform into reality as you shed the unhealthy elements of your mind and body to remould yourself into a healthy happy content being. Ayurveda is the life science that offers ways to promote positive health, prevent lifestyle disorders, manage lifestyle diseases and adopt proper dietary management. The holistic approach of Ayurveda, treating the patient as a whole assuring and ensuring complete physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being is what makes Sakalya Ayurveda Ayushkaameeyam Life Style Clinic a unique institution in its category.


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