Sakalya Ayurveda Management Services is a consultancy firm aimed at providing assistance to you to meet your Ayurveda related requirement to establish and manage an Ayurveda firm of any discipline, be it a hospital or an outpatient clinic or a manufacturing firm or a resort. 

Sakalya Ayurveda Management Services was conceived by the SAMS core team comprising of qualified Ayurveda doctors with the solid experience of operating successfully in all branches of Ayurveda industry for more than two decades. The continuous association with the industry and the academic background of Ayurveda helped us to realize the needs and wants of the industry. Our interest and commitment paved the way to devise feasible solutions for the same. The solutions and ideas that evolved through our brain storming had to reach you.

We the SAMS team being one among the professional community you belong to we understand your business requirements better than any other service provider. We are charged and powered by our dedication to the science and the will to repay the goodwill Ayurveda has bestowed upon us.

We offer you a bouquet of varied Ayurveda services and seek from you a mutual alliance benefitting both of us and Ayurveda as a science and as an industry.

We at Sakalya Ayurveda Management Services list for you the below mentioned customized services

Ø  Management Consultancy Services to Ayurveda Centres

Ø  Facility Management

Ø  Facility Sharing  

Ø  Patient Management

Ø  Yoga and Meditation Services

Ø  Group Guests Activity Management

Ø  Hospital Equipment Supply

Ø  Medicines and Raw Drug Supply

Ø  Ayurveda Cuisine Consultancy

Ø  Performance Auditing

Ø  Consultancy for Accreditations and Licensing

Ø   Learning and Development Activities  

Ø  Web Content Writing

Ø  Ayurveda Marketing Consultancy

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