Management Consultancy Services to Ayurveda Centres

Ayurveda wellness is gaining popularity around the world. There is a need for professional technical Ayurveda support to manage these services in hospitality and hospital sectors. Sakalya Ayurveda Management Services provides this kind of support and services.

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Facility Management

Ayurveda manufacturing units, hospitals, spas and wellness centres do have the infrastructure and they require technical guidance and customer care support to the clients, guests and patients of these institutions. If you have a good infrastructure and if you are looking out to develop a perfect technically capable service oriented technical team please do contact us with a mail to or call us at +91-9388099001. We are with you......

Facility Sharing

You have an Ayurveda oriented property. You are offering services. You feel you still have space and human resources that can be utilized to generate more business. You are thinking that a very good Ayurveda practitioner or a Yoga instructor or some related professional can make use of your resources for mutual benefit. You are at crossroads how convert the idea into practice..... No worries come to SAMS

You may be a very good practitioner with a good client base. You require an infrastructure and technical support to cater to your services. You are not in a position to develop one. You are thinking about the availability of a good facility to share and improve business fo mutual benefit. No worries come to SAMS

SAMS is ready to mediate between you both for FACILITY SHARING...........

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Patient Management

You are a beginner in practice or you have got a patient who needs Ayurveda or Allopathy or any other approved medical treatment. You have a patient, but your hospital is full and you are unable to accommodate. You have a patient who needs specialist care. You have a patient who needs in-patient treatment. You are in a dilemma. You want to give care but you do not know how.

No worries.........Mail to or call +91-9388099001. SAMS is ready to assist you in managing the patient effectively and secures your interests and sees that the patient, you and the service provider are all benefited.

Yoga and Meditation Services

Yoga and Meditation Services, which also have developed as Clinical Yoga are a part and parcel of Ayurveda services. You are an Ayurveda Doctor and your hectic schedule is not allowing you time to provide Yoga-Meditation services. You want to have flawless yoga-meditation services at your clinic. No worries...... SAMS is ready to find you a professional.

You are an interested person keen to learn Yoga and Meditation. But you are confused to choose from the countless results that have popped up during your searches. No worries.....SAMS is ready to assist you

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Group Guests Activity Management

You are a health or leisure tourism operator focusing on Kerala. You have to include Ayurveda as part of your package. You may have to cater many times to groups wanting to focus on Ayurveda, Yoga, Healthy Lifestyle, Ayurveda Cuisine and other related activities. You want to be associated with a reliable service provider who is able to ensure excellent customer satisfaction. You are on the lookout...........

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Hospital Equipment Supply

You want to establish a new Ayurveda centre or you are looking out to upgrade the facility or you want to find continuous quality supplies of consumables and equipment to your Ayurveda centre/clinic/hospital.

You are not able to find a genuine, reliable, supplier who matches your requirements. No worries........Just mail to or call us at +91-9388099001

Medicines and Raw Drug Supply

Sourcing quality and perfectly blended or rightly identified Ayurveda manufactured medicines and raw drugs either for manufacturing medicines or for clinical usage is becoming a herculean task with each passing day. these activities are demanding a heavy share of a professional or are a strain on the resources of a manufacturing unit

An entity to assist in these activities are a boon in such a situation. Our years of experience has given us the right contacts and sources. We at SAMS are ready to assist you and save your time and money......

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