Malabar's heart of legacy, trust, Ayurveda, compassion and cuisine

Kozhikkode, formerly famous globally as Calicut is the northern city of Kerala and the hub of Malabar. the city where the Portuguese sailor Vasco-da-Gama landed on the Indian shores. The Spice Route and the Arab world links combined by the traditional cultures and the Kalari fabric makes the city the unique cauldron of the mixing of various cultures Malabar. Heart warming hospitality and mouth watering Malabar Moppilah cuisine followed by a gift of Banana chips and Kozhikkoden Halwa are fond memories of every visitor to Kozhikkode.

The city is a gateway to the virgin hills of Wayanad and the suburb is dotted with beautiful rivers, estuaries, mangroves, beaches (including the Kappad beach), peaks, forests, temples, churches and mosques.

Malabar is the cradle of Ayurveda with the renowned Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Shala placed just an hour's drive from Kozhikkode. The even climate, traditional Ayurveda knowledge, sumptuous availability of herbs and easy access make Kozhikkode an Ayurveda destination. Malabar has been emerging as the global health tourism destination including for Ayurveda with world class treatments at affordable prices.

Kozhikkode is an unspoilt tourist attraction as well. More details can be browsed through www.dtpckozhikode.com


the land of legacy, trust, Ayurveda, compassion and cuisine

Sakalya Ayurveda

vowed to uphold the compassionate tradition by healing with perfection and care

Sakalya Ayurveda Westhill

Sakalya Ayurveda Hospital West Hill is a centrally located Ayurveda hospital and one of the top listed Ayurveda institutions of Kozhikkode and surroundings.