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vishu Special from Sakalya Ayurveda


Happy Vishu to Sakalya Ayurveda well wishers........ Vishu Special Recipe from the Healthy Food House of Sakalya Ayurveda contributed by Dr. Valsaladevi K 

Vishu is the Kerala New Year celebrated as per the solar calendar and marks the start of the Mesha Rashi (Meda Masam-Aries zodiac sign). The day falls on the equinox and is the flowering and fruiting peak season of tropical coastal summer. The mangoes, jackfruits, yellow cucumbers and all the gourd vegetables make the festival a healthy treat. The flowing rich yellow Kanikonna (cassia) blossoms an indispensable item of Vishu add vibrancy to the whole festive fervour.

Vishu is both a harvest and a sowing festival. Summer crops especially the vegetables and oil seeds are harvested, processed, stored or used. The soil and seeds for the next sowing are tested as Chaalu (Ploughing) and Kaikottu Chaal (sample seed sowing).  The day begins with the Vishu Kani, opening the eyes to the rich display of auspicious and prosperous spread. The Lord Krishna deity decorated with golden yellow kanikonna flowers, and ornaments, the specially folded golden embroidered dhoti, the brass mirror Vaalkannadi, gold, money, rice and other signs of prosperity, the vegetables, fruits and sweets together along with the lighted lamps and water filled Kindi make the vishukkani a mystifying inspiring soothing and assuring sight to behold at day break to be promised of a hopeful year ahead. The Vishukkani followed by Kaineettam and blessings by elders of the family is a gesture that reaffirms faith in the traditional family values. All these if analysed from the Ayurveda point of view are elements of Sadvruttam and Achara Rasayanam, the two components of a healthy social life.

Vishu delicacies have gone luxurious with Sadya, deep fried sweets, meat and fish and much more. Yet in central Kerala, the healthy Vishu Kanji/Vishu Katta is served for breakfast with Chakka Puzhukku /Steamed & Seasoned Jackfruit. The rice porridge is garnished with coconut milk.

Banana stems are peeled and made into a ring. Banana leaf is placed inside this ring like a bowl. The porridge and Chakka Puzhukku is poured into this bowl and eaten with a spoon carved out of jackfruit leaf. The dish is hydrating, nutritious and satiating yet light on the tummy.


Kanji Recipe for 4 Adults:  

·        Parboiled Palakkadan Red Matta Rice: 100g

·        Long Grain Raw Rice: 100g

·        Green Gram: 50g  

·        Cow Pea: 50g

·        Coconut Milk: 2 cups

·        Fresh Grated Coconut: 1 cup

·        Salt to taste


Ø Dry roast the lentils separately for 5 minutes or till you can smell the aroma, wash and cook with the coconut milk

Ø Wash and cook both rices separately until very soft. Matta rice requires more water and time

Ø When the both rice are cooked; combine both together and set aside. The mixture will thicken as it sits.

Ø Add the cooked beans along with coconut milk to the rice pot with salt and cook for couple of minutes.

Ø Add the grated coconut and stir gently before serving. Add hot water for dilution if required

Ø Serve with Chakka puzhukku

Chakka Puzhukku Recipe for 4 adults


·        Chopped Unripe well grown jackfruit  - 500g

·        Grated coconut – 50g

·        Cumin seeds  - ¼ tsp

·        Turmeric powder -½ tsp

·        Garlic – 10-12 pods

·        Shallots-20-25 Nos

·        Bird Eye Green chillies -  3-4 Nos

·        Curry leaves - 2 stems

·        Coconut oil - 1½  tbsp

·        Salt to taste



Ø Open and chop the unripe jackfruit. Add a few seeds and the strands

Ø Cook the chopped jackfruit with little water, salt and turmeric powder. Keep stirring

Ø Crush the coconut, green chillies, shallots, garlic and cumin seeds  

Ø Add the ground coconut mixture to the cooked jackfruit when the water has   almost evaporated and the jackfruit is cooked soft. Mash well.

Ø Stir for a minute on low flame and remove from the fire

Ø Add curry leaves and coconut oil and mix well

Ø Serve with Vishu Kanji

Vishu is over for the year but the healthy food trend is to last forever. The jackfruits are in season now and do try it out. Sakalya Ayurveda always is on the mark to promote healthy food culture and is ever ready to explain to you the scientific and nutritional facts behind every festive dish.

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