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 liver disease with irreversible scarring caused by alcohol, drugs, food and viral hepatitis

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Liver Cirrhosis is a disease condition that affect normal liver function due to liver tissue damage caused gradually over a period of time from months to years exhibiting often no early symptoms and on worsen the person feel tired, itching, swelling over lower legs or fluid fill up in the abdomen.



Cirrhosis is most commonly caused by alcoholhepatitis Bhepatitis C and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver disease is caused due to high cholestremia, chronic diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure or gall stones. More than one causes may be residing in one person.



Cirrhosis is most commonly preceded by hepatitis or fatty liver. This is the most significant stage at which cirrhosis can be prevented and fully reversible to a normal liver function. The onset of Cirrhosis starts when a scar tissue is formed replacing the damaged liver tissue which blocks the portal blood flow.

Damaged parenchyma activates the stellate cells which forms fibrosis.

Signs & Symptoms

Weakness and weight loss may be early symptoms. As the liver cirrhosis involves liver tissue damage the person feels tiredness, weakness , itchiness, develop swelling in the lower legs, yellow discolouration of skin, fluid buildup in the abdomen or spider-like blood vessels on the skin. The fluid built up is often spontaneously infected.

Failure of liver cells may lead to portal hypertension which also cause splenomegaly.

Possibily of absence of any symptoms cannot rule out underlying progression of cirrhosis. It is usually well advanced before its symptoms become evident.

Liver size is not a reliable factor. Spider angiomata, palmar erythema, hypogonadism, gynaecomastia in men, ascites, musty breath odour, jaundice etc are some of the direct impact of liver dysfunction.


Liver cirrhosis may lead to varying levels of complications such as Hepatic encephalopathy, Oesophageal varices bleeding or even Hepatic carcinoma. Due to decreased coagulant production, easy bruising and bleeding are noticed.

Ayurvedic Liver disease Management

Pure abstinence of alcohol is recommended. This includes managing the withdrawal symptoms, personal counseling.