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excessive day sleep, irregular breathing or difficulty falling asleep

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Sleep Disorder or Somnipathy is a mere clinical condition in which sleep regime of a person gets disturbed. Sleep is one of the triad pillar of life as said in Ayurveda, the other too being Food and Celibacy. In an overview, these three factors either be neglected or not been considered as important in the new era. Hence, sleep disorders varying from sleep apnoea to are serious enough to interfere with normal life functions.


Sleep disorders are most common in men and women over the age of 65. Sleep disturbances are caused by variant factors such as bruxism and nightmares. In elderly, age, some medication, psychological factors, stress etc may be a causative factor.

It may also occur due to some other systemic disease such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease etc

Traumatic childhood experiences such as family conflict or sexual trauma are another significant factor which may lead to adulthood sleeping disorders. Chronic neurological disorders and some of the brain activity disorders may lead to sleep apnoea or disturbed sleep.

REM sleep behavior disorder may have a hereditary component to it.

Sleeping Sickness is caused Tse-Tse fly infection


Classification and their Symptoms

Sleep disorders are classified into three namely; Dyssomnias, Parasomnias and Circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

Dyssomnias comprises Insomnia (It may be primary or secondary to Mood disorders, any health problems such asthma or disturbed circadian rhythm), Hypersomnia (Due to chronic neurological diseases as in Narcolepsy- brain’s inability to control sleep and wakefulness, Idiopathic- increased fatigue and sleep during daytime), Sleep disordered breathing (Sleep apnoea, snoring), Restless leg syndrome and Periodic leg movement disorder.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders comprising Delayed sleep phase disorder, Advanced sleep phase disorder and Non-24- hour sleep –wake disorder.

Parasomnia consisting abnormal and unnatural movements, behaviors, emotions, perceptions and dreams during sleep such as bedwetting, bruxism, catathrenia, exploding head syndrome, sleep walking or talking etc

Ayurveda Treatment for Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders which are secondary to some other medical or mental conditions must be managed considering the underlying medical condition.

Specific treatment is needed for each variety of sleep disorder. This will be specific for each individual too.

Panchakarma massage plays a major role in the management of sleep disorders. Most of them show a rapid recovery. Repeated course of treatment is needed in some of the cases. Hence the patients are adviced to take a follow up Panchakarma treatment too.

A good course of Yoga therapy maintains the recovered condition to last for long and thereby curing the primary disorders.

Unwholesome diet must be avoided to take care of vitiation of dosha too. Pleasant smell and taste of food can bring psychological changes as in mood disorders.

Ayurvedic internal medicine will give a rapid symptomatic treatment. However simple sleep disturbances commence along with other systemic disease may affect the primary disease Pathophysiology to progress rapidly. Hence treatment of underlying disease is inevitable.