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Management Consultancy Services to Ayurveda Centres

Ayurveda wellness is gaining popularity around the world. There is a need for professional technical Ayurveda support to manage these services...

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Facility Management

Ayurveda manufacturing units, hospitals, spas and wellness centres do have the infrastructure and they require technical guidance and customer...

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Facility Sharing

You have an Ayurveda oriented property. You are offering services. You feel you still have space and human resources that can be utilized...

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Patient Management

You are a beginner in practice or you have got a patient who needs Ayurveda or Allopathy or any other approved medical treatment...

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Yoga and
Meditation Service

Yoga and Meditation Services, which also have developed as Clinical Yoga are a part and parcel of Ayurveda services. You are an Ayurveda Doctor and your...

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Group Guests Activity Management

You are a health or leisure tourism operator focusing on Kerala. You have to include Ayurveda as part of your package. You may have to cater...

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